Virtual Workshops

Change Your Thoughts, Reignite your Peace: the Effects of Stress and Unhelpful Thinking on the Body

Some stress is actually good for a person; however, too much stress is deadly. The good news is people have total control over the impact that stress has on their bodies. Participants will leave this course with the tools necessary to effectively handle stressors by changing the unhelpful thinking patterns that usually create feelings of overwhelm. The course will outline effective stress management tactics, while presenting a whole new outlook on how changing one’s thoughts leads to a less taxing and more productive life

Dates TBA

Breaking the Anger Habit: Identifying Triggers & Solutions to our Rage

Anger becomes a problem when it is felt too intensely, frequently or expressed inappropriately. In this workshop, participants will learn to manage their anger and develop self-control over their thoughts and actions to avoid the negative consequences that often follow angry outbursts. By the end of this workshop, participants will identify the triggers to their anger responses and develop a plan to control their anger.

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