The Stress- Less Lifestyle Diet

Some stress is actually good for a person; however, too much stress is deadly. The good news is people have total control over the impact that stress has on their bodies.

Participants will leave this course with the tools necessary to effectively handle stressors by changing the unhelpful thinking patterns that usually create feelings of overwhelm. The course will outline effective stress management tactics, while presenting a whole new outlook on how changing one’s thoughts leads to a less taxing and more productive life.

Dates TBA

Nutrition Essentials For Mental Health

Diet and nutrition is said to be the “missing link in mental health”. Learn to balance mood with food in this 4 week nutritional self- care group. We will look at ways to use food as “medicine” to improve mood, sleep, attention and focus & examine nonpharmaceutical interventions to common mental health concerns, so you can make more informed decisions for your physical and mental wellbeing. Group will be held virtually. Members of the group will have the ability to add on individual coaching and ongoing nutritional consultations after completing this group.

Dates TBA