Do you need to figure out how to get back on track and identify the steps to reaching success and true joy in your personal & professional life?

Sometimes during our life journey, tragedy, disappointment, fear, and/or hardship knocks us off our path causing us to lose motivation and fall short of carrying out the vision we once had or have for our lives.

As YOUR Mindset Coach, I provide proven coaching and training programs that help you to get back on track and reIgnite your vision in the comfort of your own home! When we work together, I will help you to push past the limiting beliefs and other emotional roadblocks (control, fear, stress, unforgiveness, etc.)  that are trapping you in a place of detour.  As you work to remove the barriers that have prohibited you from making radical forward movement in your life, I provide the necessary support and guidance for a successful transformation and re-route to your destiny.

My coaching programs are for you:

  • if you want help with achieving a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your life.
  • if you know you need a change, but lack motivation and the stamina to carry it out.
  • If stress, anxiety, self- doubt, fear or unhelpful thinking is limiting your progress.
  • if you need a jump start on identifying or redefining your authentic self to live out your God given purpose.
  • if you have a vision for your life, but don’t know the path to get there or have deviated from the path in some way.
  • if a major life transition has you feeling trapped in a state of perpetual detour.
  • if you like the idea of completing your sessions over the phone or via video conferencing.

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