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  1. So yesterday I attended a vision board party hosted by the inspiring Shannon White. Last night I was able to be honest with myself and God about my dreams and the things that were stopping me from accomplishing them. I’m the type of person that loves staying in her comfort zone so by creating an actual representation of what I need to accomplish I’m able to know what I need to do to get what I want. I was told to stretch beyond my comfort zone because if I don’t then my dreams will simply stay dreams. It’s time for me to not just talk about change, it’s time to take action and become the changed person that God meant for me to be. ~Kionnae Scott, College Student

  2. Party With a Purpose and Brand Enhance Media would like to congratulate Danita Pierce, who won the raffle for two tickets to Summer Soul Jam at our Party With A Purpose Vision Board Event on 7/18/16. Have a great time with singers Joe & Case on August 20th and be sure to Party With a Purpose again soon! #brandenhancemedia #partywithapurpose #shannonwhite_lifecoach

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