The key difference in group coaching versus individual coaching is the number of people. In group coaching you typically (though not always) have a small group of individuals working toward a common goal.

They also have a set curriculum that solves a specific problem such as stress management, unhealthy thinking patterns, conflict management, etc.

The point is that the touchstones and subjects are decided beforehand and they serve as a kind of map not just for clients, but for the coach as well.

group coaching diagram

Kinds of Clients Who Would Benefit From Group Coaching:

  • Individuals who already know what their blocks are and therefore don’t need so much exploration. These individuals know the problem and want the solution.
  • People who want to increase their commitment to their goal but don’t want the intensity of individual coaching.
  • People who prefer community and learn better in group settings.
  • People looking for more education instead of fast results.

Benefits for Group Coaching for the Client:

  • You will receive a guided curriculum based on your problem areas.
  • Clients may feel less pressure because the attention isn’t all on them.
  • Less expensive than individual coaching
  • Group coaching offers a shared experience through community. You will have other people to cheer you on and celebrate with.
  • Networking and connections among clients.
  • An affordable way to get guidance from a coach and implement tools and strategies that can help them reach their goals.
  • Offers better value than individualized coaching when the client sets out to fix a specific problem they are already aware of.

Negatives of Group Coaching for the Client:

  • If the client does not know their specific problem areas group coaching could be a waste of time and money.
  • Some clients may require more individualized attention to even set their goals.
  • Some clients require the intense accountability that comes from individualized coaching.
  • Clients cannot spend as much time with the coach.


Individual coaching offers a different experience for both client and coach. As opposed to group coaching, where the curriculum is decided beforehand, individual coaching allows for a more personalized experience.

The success of the coaching process is also determined by the relationship between the client and the coach.

You have more personalized time together to get deep into what the client needs. You also have room to deal with blocks the clients may not know they had.

Kinds of Clients Who Would Benefit from Individual Coaching:

  • Those who have more at stake and need immediate life changing results.(Ex. you’re launching a business, your marriage is at stake, you’re having health issues, etc.)
  • Individuals who need more intense accountability to meet their goals.
  • Those who already have a lot of education, but aren’t making any headway in accomplishing their goals.

Benefits of Individual Coaching for the Client:

  • Personalized attention; the coach gets to know client’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, quirks, etc.
  • The curriculum is customized to the client’s needs as time progresses, not beforehand.
  • The client does not have to worry about other people’s dilemmas.
  • The client gets more attention and accountability.
  • The client gets more time with the coach.

Negatives of Individual Coaching for the Client:

  • They are going to have a lot of attention on them. This may be uncomfortable for some.
  • No networking or connecting with others.
  • It’s much more expensive than group coaching.

Overall when it comes to choosing between group coaching or individual coaching you must realize that one isn’t better than the other. They are just different.