The practice of Life Coaching has become more popular over the past several years. It is apparent that traditional Counseling or Psychotherapy is not for everyone. Sometimes an individual is looking for a more direct and focused approach to changing his or her life. It is possible that an individual does not have problems, but still wants to stretch the limits of human potential. Life Coaching can help that individual redefine and/ or “ReIGNITE” his or her goals and provide accountability as he or she works towards achieving them.


What is Mindset  or  Mental Performance Coaching?

Mindset or Mental Perfomance Coaching, a more specific niche of Life Coaching, covers a wide selection of areas, which include identifying ways to increase overall mental, physical and spiritual wholeness by changing limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that hinder growth and confine potential. Individuals already possess an innate ability to achieve success and abundance in every area of their life; however, it is the Coach’s role to help the client eliminate fear, identify their why and press towards their overall vision. A Mindset or Mental Perfomance Coach works with the client to develop mental skills and techniques associated with successful people who have determined their “why” and are living out their God- given purpose/ vision in life. This style of coaching improves life by evaluating very specific aspects of the self and developing such mental skills as:

        • goal setting
        • mindfulness, biblical meditation, prayer
        • positive self-talk
        • energy regulation
        • centering and imagery
        • renewed thinking and resetting routines

We have no real control over outcomes, but we can control our mental preparation, our actions and our reactions. These are the things that dictate the quality of and degree to which we reach our desired outcome.

Mindset or Mental Perfomance Coaching is ideal for individuals who want to reach their why, their vision and their victorious place. Through a proactive and directed plan, the Mindset or Mental Perfomance Coach will work  with the client to build mental strength, develop patterns of thoughts and behaviors that optimize perfomance and lead the client to the victory that lies in their vision.

Some common areas that can be addressed with Mindset or Mental Perfomance Coaching are:

  • Identifying Purpose, Calling and/ or Vision
  • Mental conditioning for athletes and people performing in high demand jobs
  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Fitness/ Healthy Lifestyle Management
  • Self-Discipline & Motivation
  • Enjoyment & Fulfillment
  • Confidence/ Self- Love
  • Emotional Regulation/ Anger Management
  • Concentration
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Discovering the Authentic Self
  • Positive Thinking/ Habits
  • Procrastination
  • Stress and Anxiety

    coaching process

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