About Me

Shannon T. White, MSW, LCSW, Certified Life Coach

Personal Development Coach, Speaker, & Mental Health Advocate/ Consultant
Founder of ReIGNITE Coaching Solutions

Shannon’s Bio: As a Personal Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Mental Health Advocate/Consultant, particularly for women, Shannon T. White works to help individuals increase their self- awareness by drawing out strengths and combating the unhelpful thoughts that limit their potential. With over 17 years in the mental health field, Shannon possesses the skills to empower her clients and event participants, encouraging them to think deeply and pragmatically about how they live their life and what they would like to change to get back on track to live life MORE abundantly.

Shannon’s motto, “You are Bigger than the Limited View of Your Own Perspective” is the driving force behind her work. When a decision is made to Reignite your Life with Shannon White, individuals are fully equipped to develop or restore their desire to succeed, enlarge their territory and live prosperously in EVERY area of their life!

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