The Sludge

Even when you think you have experienced all you can take or received the lesson in your situation, there is often a residue (a “sludge”), that still must be worked out of your life to get you JUST where you need to be, naturally and spiritually. Rest assured that God is still moving, even when you thought it was over! He is moving through your “sludge”, fine tuning and tweaking, ¬†even when it appears impossible that anything else is capable of permeating or budging you.

What will keep you, is genuinely accepting that everyone and everything, most importantly your life, is HIS! This mindset is what will change your perspective, catapulting you into the positions necessary to reach those He called you to pursue, so you can effectively teach them what He has allowed you to experience.

So in your very painful human moments, remember that God NEVER allows anything to happen in your life without a plan to prosper you! Just keep your focus on Him and maintain the willingness to endure the molding, the stretching, the squeeze, the push that it sometimes takes for God to fine tune you as He moves through the “sludge”.

~Shannon White, Personal Development Coach

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